Friends of OLV May 2019 Newsletter

Why Start a High School

All parents desire to provide their children with the foundation to grow into mature adults and make a contribution in the world. As Catholics, however, we need to ensure that they become holy and prepared to transform our secular culture. What kind of education do they need not only to survive but to thrive in our society? How can we offer the robust formation they need to become servant leaders?

My wife and I wrestled with these questions over the past few years and began reaching out to other families. At the same time, the First Educators hosted a series of talks at St. Mary parish in Littleton focused on parents’ primary responsibility to form their children and provide them with a faith-filled Catholic education. These talks awakened parents and motivated them to make an immediate impact on education in the Archdiocese of Denver.

Over 50 parents attended an initial meeting about the possibility of starting a new high school. We realized that the complete formation we desire for our children is distinct from anything that currently exists in the Denver area. We committed to forming a high school that offers robust personal formation (expressed in regular spiritual direction, frequent opportunities for service, outdoor adventure, and an immersion into the beauty of the fine arts), along with rigorous academics that impart a Catholic worldview, form students in wonder, and offer engaging discussion on the great works of our tradition.

A core group agreed to say yes to this exciting and needed venture. We recognized the need and responded as the pioneers of a new school that will give glory to God and will help our teenagers to become saints. We realized that if we truly wanted a school that would offer the formation that we knew was best for our children, we would have to be all in and say yes!

Dr. Jared Staudt, President

Did you know… that our students start the school year with a 3 day backpacking trip into nature? This year’s experience will be led by the awesome team at Creatio. Creatio works to create an environment of encounter – encounter with God, with ourselves, with others, and with creation.

A Few Updates On Our Progress

As friends of our mission, we want to share with you all of the amazing progress we’ve made since we started. We’ve accomplished a great deal in a few short months.

  • We now have 15 students for our first 9th-grade class and anticipate that at least a few more will join before we start the school year.

  • We’ve hired our lead teacher and program manager! He has seven years of teaching experience at a classical school as well as a master’s degree in Independent School Leadership from Columbia University.

  • The school has legally incorporated and is working with the Archdiocese of Denver for formal approval to call itself a Catholic school.

  • We’ve established a board of experienced professionals to lead and guide us on this incredible journey.

In a future newsletter we’ll introduce our teachers and board members.

Did you know… that our music instructor has a won a Grammy, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Benedictine College and a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance?


The Need For Your Donations

Our Lady of Victory high school is committed to providing an accessible education that is affordable for all families. Small donations from supporters like you are helping us with our goal of keeping OLV affordable while at the same time hiring highly qualified staff committed to this mission. In this month of May, dedicated to Mary, please say yes and make a contribution to this unique school.


We also need your help in sharing our mission with your friends and family. We have accomplished much in a few months due to the hard work of a small group of committed supporters, but we need to expand our community! Please share this email or our GoFundMe Campaign with your friends and family.

Did you know… that Mythology by Edith Hamilton is on our student’s summer reading list? Edith Hamilton’s classic retelling of all the primary Greek myths serves as a great introduction to the Greek world that is the backdrop to the freshman literature sequence. These short stories introduce the Greek gods as well as all the major Greek heroes, such as Hercules, Pericles, Theseus and Jason. This is a must-read for students to prepare for the Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid and Greek dramas covered in the freshman literature curriculum.

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